25 November 2007

A Very Redneck Thanksgiving: Part II

I woke up to gun shots the morning after Thanksgiving, but I thought it was probably just the neighbors shooting at cans or something. I promptly went back to sleep, until the sound of helicopters overhead aroused my curiosity. I braved entering the public area of the house (for fear of attack by my neices and nephews) to the news that there had been a shootout between one of the neighbors and a team of federal marshalls that had come to serve a search warrant for what appeared to be drug-related activity. Evidently when the marshalls arrived at the door the occupant of the house shot at them through the glass above the front door, prompting the marshalls to return fire. It wasn’t long before the news crews were on the scene (hence the helicopters).

I shot a video of the news coverage, but apparently the file is too large to post and I don't have the required software to edit it - yet. This blog adventure is helping me upgrade technology, which I'm slothful at doing, so I guess in a way this shooting thing has a silver lining (if upgrading technology for me qualifies...) Anyway, I liked the video because they keep showing my brother’s house in the background. Classy.

Is there any irony in the fact that later that afternoon my brother and my cousins went to the range to fire off their pistols? They took my 12-year old niece with them for her first target practice. I declined the offer to join them and went with my dad and Nancy (his girlfriend) to the casinos along the river in Tunica. I won $20, I guess it was worth it. Next time I might try the range, if only for a sense that I might need to protect myself during my next trip to Mississippi...

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Panda!!!! said...

So what happened to the drugs?