14 November 2007

Indian Pizza!

Who knew there was such a thing as Indian Pizza?? I was lured into trying some that past weekend on a last-minute trip to San Francisco.

Sensing an opportunity to escape the monotony of the desert (one can only take so many consecutive days of shorts and flip-flops), a fare sale sent me packing to the west coast. It was a great weekend, but the food consumption part got off to a rocky start. Here's some advice should you decide to place a delivery order for Indian Pizza:

1. Confirm your order frequently. Like every 5 minutes or so. Don't wait for an hour to call them and then listen for the rustling noises in the background suggesting the start of a long overdue order fulfillment process.
2. If you are serious about asking for extra sauce, best to confirm that this request is not interpreted as "we don't want any sauce at all."
3. You might consider reminding the restaurant that evenly-spaced toppings usually go over well. Throwing all the tandoori chicken on one side just isn't fair!

It turned out to be okay, but I have a feeling what eventually showed up at the door wasn't a fair representation of this culinary genre. Better luck next time...


Panda!!!! said...

Should I try this? Your story doesn't make me want to order an Indian pizza. It actually makes me want to eat ice cream. Then again, most things make me want to eat ice cream.

Peripatetic Life said...

I think it's worth a try...just be careful ordering late-ish on a Friday night. I think the place is called Zante or something like that.