15 November 2007

Burrito Watch 2007!

Something strange is afoot at the Trader Joe's in Glendale, Arizona. The 98% Fat Free Chicken Burritos have gone completely MIA!! This is sort of a personal crisis, since approximately (ironically?) 98% of my weekly caloric intake relies on these burritos (and the liter of TJ's salsa authentica that usually accompanies this meal). I've asked store personel what's up, I've called the store and done internet research, but the burritos have gone missing for over a month now.

I know TJ's swaps out items frequently, and it appears this gem might have gone to the chopping block. RIP lil' frozen buddy...it was nice knowin' ya.

The upside is that the Chile Verde burritos are great too, although a little heavier. I bought the entire stock last night in fear that these guys might go next (they were also conspicuously missing for awhile).

If only I were this concerned about my schoolwork...

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