01 November 2008

Solving the washing puzzlement: Part II

I solved my washing puzzlement the next day with the help of a colleague, although the process involved manually draining water from the machine into a large tub, over and over. I probably also shouldn't have the machine in the bathroom but it’s the only place in the entire house where an outlet and a water source are located anywhere near each other. I put the power strip in a plastic bag and put a towel over it to protect it from any errant dripping water, but the whole scene was a little shady if I’m honest.

Safety concerns aside I have to say the partly manual, partly mechanized process of washing clothes was enlightening. It was amazing to see how much dirt was in the wash when I was emptying the water from the basin via a flimsy plastic drain tube into a plastic tub, the contents of which then got dumpted into the bathtub.

There was a separate spin dry compartment that sort of sucked excess water away, although I could only manage to put about 3 items in there or else the whole machine shook so violently and loudly that I was afraid I was going to anger the cockroaches en masse (definitely something I wanted to avoid).
It may have taken a few hours longer than I would have liked, but I managed to have some clean clothes after all. After going through all that I'm gonna try a little harder to keep 'em clean...


Panda!!!! said...

For several months water would come pouring through the vent in my bathroom's ceiling, only I didn't realize what was happening. I only noticed that my bathroom floor kept getting wet.

After some analysis, it turns out my upstairs neighbor installed some sort of washing machine between his toilet and bathtub, but it leaked and discharged dirty laundry water all over my bathroom. In addition, it caused a good deal of rotting between our apartments and the building management had to confiscate it.

Please be sure you're not ruining someone else's apartment with your makeshift laundry facility.

Peripatetic Life said...

That doesn't sound like any fun at all.

Don't worry - the only house I'd be ruining is my own and the nearly completely manual process helps verify there won't be any leaks anyway. Doing things the (quasi) old fashioned way sometimes has its perks I guess...