22 November 2008

Benguela Street Party Series: Struttin'

It was a Friday afternoon and I was trying to explain how to work with formulas in Excel to our office administrative assistant when it all came down. The street in front of our office had been closed and the huge speakers blasting hip hop could only signal one thing: A STREET PARTY EMERGENCY WAS NOW IN EFFECT.

The following videos attempt to capture the fun. The runway show was a subplot through the entire afternoon, with at least five or six installments filling the intervals between lip syncers, dancers, skit performers, and poetry readings.

Sure, the red carpet might be held down with rocks in the middle of the street, but the attitude was first class (some of the end-of-runway turns needed a little work though).

Rolling the highlight reel:

Purse Drop

Sunglass Swoon

Sock-boy lingers

Crazy lady accosts contestants

BONUS VIDEO: The World's Worst Rap Lip Sync Artist

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