16 April 2008

Poor Oklahoma...


It's not often your local district judge is quoted in the New York Times, but as usual, the news story isn't flattering. Apparently Oklahoma has the worst foster care system in the country. This just proves my theory that the state only makes the news for two things:

1. tragedies
2. football

Lately, the latter has been a subcategory of the former since the Sooners can't seem to win a BCS bowl game to save their lives (they've lost four in a row, not that anyone is counting). It's almost the 13th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. The anniversary of when over 90 tornadoes touched down on the same day in 1999 is coming up too. (Did I mention a tornado ruined my high school prom? It was a very bloody night, but that's another post.) Then there were the wildfires that covered the state a few years ago.

Oh, Oklahoma. What are we gonna do. At least the BBQ is good. And the pickle bar at Goldie's is charming in a way. On the bright side the state did win two Supreme Court cases against Texas, and ranks pretty highly on the number of Miss America winners too. I guess there's that. Maybe there is more to offer than tragedy and free pickles after all.

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mindy said...

I hear that pickle bar has gotten pretty disgusting...but you are right about the BBQ.