14 April 2008

"Mr. Brasil" Pageant


So I was trying to translate something last week into Portuguese and was using some online dictionary from Brazil, which was part of a general media portal website. One of the sidebar news stories was on the "Mr. Brazil" competition, which I dutifully checked to confirm included a swimsuit competition. The results surprised me.

Now, I have been to a few beaches in Brazil, and I know that if any one country can claim to have the most attractive swimsuits (and the people wearing them), it would have to be Brazil. So where in the hell did these guys come from?? Sure, there are a few hunks. But Piauí? I'm just scared of you.

While it's true the hottie quotient in Brazil is high, it's good to remind each other that average (ugly, even) people exist too. Duh. I get that, but wonder if the Brazilian pageant process places more emphasis on other aspects of the competition. If that's the case, Mr. Piauí must have proposed detailed, actionable steps to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. I'm just saying. I'll stop being so bitchy now. I'm sure he's a nice guy...

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