08 September 2008

Would you like finger grease with your popcorn?

So the other day our crew decided to go to the movies. Lucky for us there’s a new mall on the south side of town with a modern 8-screen movie theatre complete with stadium seating. The movies are pretty modern and subtitled (we saw the latest Indiana Jones movie), so I imagine we’ll be making frequent visits.

The “Angola Moment” came when I decided to treat myself to a bag of popcorn. The concession vendor dutifully filled my bag per usual protocol, but before handing the bag over to me he took a big handfull of popcorn from the top of the bag and chowed down. I asked if anybody else had seen what had happened, but the vendor gave himself away by masticating the evidence with gusto as he took my money. I just laughed and went on my way. What else are you gonna do?

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