31 July 2008

Benguela Photos

I finally figured out how to shrink photos so that the slow internet connection here can load them! I was proud of myself for figuring out how to do this simple task; I'm not the most technologically gifted person as many of you already know. Three cheers for baby steps.

Benguela Photo #1
The street I live on. I live in an apartment on the left side of the road from this view, right above a bakery (basically right where the blue truck is in this photo). The only thing that keeps me from spending all my money at the bakery is the constant line out the door and the fact that you have to elbow your way to the counter or you'll just never get served. I'm going to have to develop that skill later - for now I just rely on the vittles my keepers provide (no complaints there though).

Benguela Photo #2
"Downtown" Benguela, featuring one of the newer paved roads. If you look closely the billboard says "With peace, we're reconstructing the country":

Benguela Photo #3
The beach at sunset is a favorite for the Chinese workers living in this town. They're here rebuilding the main railroad which goes to the Zambian border and terminates in Benguela and the port at Lobito, just to the north of here. I haven't tried the Chinese restaurant here yet, but I hear it's pretty good. More to come on that...

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