29 January 2008

Would you like scorpion with that?

Some of the food people eat in China is weird. A walk through the grocery section of the Beijing SuperWalMart proves this, although to be honest it's not that much different from other developing country grocery stores I've been to. What WAS different was the live turtle tank accompanied by the live turtle slaughter station, where the cute lil' guys get their insides turned upside down and wrapped in plastic before the bar code gets unceremoniously slapped on.

But I'm not here to talk about that. The video on this entry was taken at a restaurant in Beijing that served scorpions (apparently boiled) along with a duck entree. There really wasn't much flavor except for a pasty feeling towards the end. All night long I kept thinking about the recently downed arachnid coming back to life and crawling around my stomach, which was a mildly upsetting thought. Anyway, I'm posting this video as proof that I actually did eat one of these lil' guys. Appropriate crowd reaction ensues...

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